GM8 OKC trade will happen in the near future

OKC wants Kuz, Tyus and Bagley.

OKC has a lot of draft picks. They can dump 40 mil in bad salary in Bertans, Micic, Giddey, Williams, Pokusevski and Dieng on DC.

I want Sheppard, McCullar and Ware out of this draft.

Sheppard / Butler / Micic

Giddey / McCullar / Poole

Bilal / Kispert

Deni / Omoruyi / Williams / Dieng

Gaf / Ware

Also DC would have over 50 million under the luxury cap and DC could have 2, 10, 13 and 26 in this draft. DC could also trade 1 of the 1st round picks for a pick in next year's draft.

In the summer DC adds a good free agent to this young and hungry roster which will play hard. Most of the players can play two positions. The defense would be minimum 10 points better with this roster compared to this season.

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