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The Wizards aren’t likely to trade Kyle Kuzma, according to report

This NBA trade deadline will probably not have too many moves.

Miami Heat v Washington Wizards
The Wizards may be willing to let go of the player on the left and right of this picture. But they sure don’t want to trade Kyle Kuzma, the man in the middle.
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The NBA trade deadline is in less than 72 hours, and fans of all 30 teams are eagerly wondering if and when a major move happens. And some fans may be wondering why moves can’t be done at the push of a button like the ESPN Trade Machine.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at things, this NBA trade deadline will probably not have many fireworks where teams left and right make trades. Or perhaps some teams may make trades just for the sake of making trades.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN released his latest podcast episode today giving updates on what the environment across the league is like. He even mentioned Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma as the player whom teams like the Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings are tempted to bring onboard. But Wojnarowski, without mentioning the Mavericks or Kings, said that it’s unlikely that Kuzma will get traded.

Ultimately, rebuilding teams, like the Wizards or Detroit Pistons, aren’t desperate to trade away their best players just for the sake of making moves. And at least in some cases, the top players on these teams, like Kuzma, are happy with their current situations sans the losing.

Kuzma has been a strong performer this season for the Wizards and hasn’t done anything to put himself in a negative light since wearing the ugly oversized pink sweater from Belgium. Okay, even that is a stretch by me.

So, why are some fans simply hoping that Kuzma leaves, just because?

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