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Alexandria-based group forms to try to stop Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s planned Va. arena

Folks who want to keep the Washington Wizards and Capitals in D.C. will also get help from locals in Alexandria.

DC Faces New Blow From Youngkin Plan To Bring Teams To Virginia
Some local Alexandria residents would like nothing more than to see the Wizards and Capitals anywhere but Potomac Yard.

One of my predictions for 2024 is that Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s planned arena and campus in Alexandria will be delayed due to political red tape. While the D.C. government and community organizations want to keep the Wizards and Capitals in Chinatown, Mayor Muriel Bowser and the D.C. Council can’t directly control what goes on in Alexandria with their city council and the Va. General Assembly in Richmond.

And yes, there’s help from the Old Dominion.

An organization called “Stop the Potomac Yard Arena” is out, and they have also hosted media events, including yesterday. I wasn’t aware of it, but I read this piece about it by Jay Korff of WJLA-TV. The ultimate goal of the arena is not to see this arena project pass. That means that the project must not have enough support in the Va. General Assembly, and/or from Alexandria City Council and Mayor Justin Wilson.

There are various reasons why this group doesn’t want this arena. They include increased traffic, gentrification and the likelihood that this project will cost more than advertised.

You can also watch this clip from WRC-TV below:

The WRC-TV clip also noted that the Va. General Assembly first has to pass laws to establish a stadium authority that owns the arena. Afterward, the Alexandria City government can be more directly involved with next steps.

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