Beal wanted to roll it back - Bradley Beal: Wizards Initiated Trade Talks

Vindication at last. Not sure how I missed this but I just came across it.

Dec 21, 2023

Bradley Beal explained that Washington wanted to trade him - not the other way around.

Just using what I had known of Beal from all his years here, what I know of his background, etc, I found it unlikely that he forced his way out like I keep reading posted here. I kept saying they didn't need to blow it up but people keep telling me I was wrong and that Beal wanted out and asked to be traded. That Beal initiated this.


Phoenix Suns guard Bradley Beal got very candid with Washington-based reporters on recently when his Suns squad faced the Washington Wizards.

"It was very tough because you guys know how kind of, I guess, naïve I was in some ways and hard-headed and wanting it to work in D.C., and being the guy kind of leading the charge in doing so,"

"So, to hear that they wanted to go in the direction of building younger and moving me to a potential contender — it was tough to hear. But in the same light, I kind of embraced it and just looked at it as another opportunity for me to look at a new chapter in my career, as tough a decision as it was."

The new FO initiated this. Not Beal. He was ready to keep rolling just like every other year since he got here.

I have said/posted many times, it has been my position, that if this new FO couldn't sell BRADLEY BEAL, Mr I want to win in DC, on rolling it back for year two of Beal/KP with Deni, Kuz, Gaff, Wright, Corey and a top draft pick, then they aren't very good at their jobs because it seemed an easy sell. This was his team. They drafted him. They turned the team to him after Wall and moved Wall. They gave him the SM and a NTC. They brought him another star level player that was a 4/5 stretch unicorn that could defend the rim. They were finally through the transition from Wall SM dead weight. They had a top first pick in hand. And he was about to have WAS all time pts leader status with just a few more pts. All that FO needed to do was walk in excited to move forward with him and he was ready to go.

Instead, they didn't try to sell Brad on that. They did the opposite. They sold that they wanted to rebuild it now and painted a picture of how hard it would be for them to do it with Brad and how easy they would make it for him to find an better more ready made situation for him. Go find an existing contender and we will work with you to move you there. And since you have a no trade clause, you are in control of where you go. They rolled out the red carpet for him to leave.

So yes. Everything we are seeing. The team. This crap season. What they got in return for Beal and KP. Poole's poison play and contract being here instead of them. Tanking into a crappy draft class. All the blow outs. Its all squarely on this FO. They decided to do this now. Beal didn't force them to do it. It was the opposite. They opened the door and invited him to leave.

So my take on things was accurate. One I was told, from more then just members here, I was disillusion for having. That was uncalled for and that's putting it politely. It was a rational take on how things likely went, even if it was wrong, which it ends up it wasn't. Anyone can disagree with another poster, but it was uncalled for to attack their mental health in that way. Specially when they are making a rational point.

I don't expect those that called me clueless, disillusion or something similar to step forward and apologize. That's on them and what kind of people they want to be in this world. But I did want to help educate Wizards fans to what actually did happen. Who decided to do what and when. How soon after getting here they decided to do this. How rushed it was. Who is responsible for how things happened. Why. And who is responsible for the execution and results.

My preference. They should have rolled it back. It took a long a few year and many trades to finally get to Beal/KP one guard on front court player. Should have kept them and tried to resign Kuz if they could. Again, should have been easy sell. With Beal in had and KP not giving up money, keeping him and extending him should have been an easy sell. He just reestablished his career here the year before. KP wasn't going anywhere. We would be winning right now. Yes, Beal would have started the year injured. But he would be playing now. Who knows for sure what the record would be. We would have to know the final roster they assembled, which we will never know but can speculate with in reason. But they should be fighting for a playoff slot. They had 35 wins last year and it took until like game 35 until they started KP/Gaff. Once they had that and Wright returned, they were good. And this Deni is better then last year Deni.

For those that didn't believe they had potential, look at the numbers to see how close they really were.

WASHINGTON vs DEN 2022 Comparison. This is crazy data.

My speculation was, if it didn't work out in the next two years and you couldn't find a path forward, you could get a much better bag for Beal with two less years on his contract and for KP posting numbers like he did the first year he was here. Everything like that is a projection and a gamble, but for me, that was the better gamble. We would have something to watch now and if we blow it up, we would have many more assets to do it. That's if we even needed to blow it up.

So as I said many times. This front office decided this. And from my seat, they shot themselves in the foot right out of the gate by selling low and bringing that clown Poole here who we now can't move without giving more up. And they tanked into a crappy draft class. For all that, they gave themselves a low record to improve from and a clean slate of accountability because they have so little to rebuild from now, and we have Poole and tanked into crappy draft class so no one is expecting anything for even longer. But they cash their checks and get gold stars for anything they do right like getting Bags for Moose and Galo. Two pieces that were warn out, that they acquired.

Man, how can I get a job like that. That's so golden.

What they shouldn't get is shielded from what they did. They should be forth coming and accountable. Why did they leave it on Beal to tell the truth? They should have released this information themselves. Held a press conference. Why shield the truth from the fans. Most I believe they said was, we all meet. We talked and we all agreed to move forward.

Well, that's a half truth and a half truth is actually a lie. Its a lie of omission. The truth is what Beal said. They initiated things and sold Beal and KP on leaving. Thats of course unless you think Beal is lying. Knowing Beal. I doubt that.

So not only are they accountable for everything we have scene, they are now label for their dishonesty. Did they expect the truth not to come out. PR 101.Tell the truth. You don't want people learning it from somewhere else. That only make you less credible moving forward because you are now known to lie. It makes you untrustworthy.

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