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Bright Side of the Sun site manager Dave King passes away

One of our virtual colleagues has passed.

Washington Wizards v Phoenix Suns Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Today is a sad day here at SB Nation’s NBA sites. We learned that Dave King, site manager of Bright Side of the Sun, recently died of Stage IV melanoma that spread to the brain. Bright Side of the Sun is the network’s Phoenix Suns blog.

Dave was a long-time site manager for Bright Side, where he served from 2010-2023. He was still writing on the site after stepping down. Dave was also known for his philanthropy for Suns fans, hosting games for them.

I never had the chance to meet Dave personally, but have admired his work at Bright Side over the years. However, both Dave and I have met several SBN figures whom we both worked with regularly. Seth Pollack, Bright Side’s founder became the Editorial Manager of SB Nation NBA, where he was our supervisor before Harrison Faigen took the role.

Life is a treasure and very short. My heart goes out to Bright Side readers and Suns fans today.

Rest in Paradise, Dave.