Is Bilal really more skilled or have more tools then Rookie Deni?

I find this idea that Bilal has more tools an interesting one. Several here post it a lot. But does he really ? He has different tools. Most of that is around his wingspan, long ero stride, and hops. But its not clear he had more tools then Deni. I think this idea that he does has a lot to do with the Deni bashing some did here for so long. Many here just never got on board getting behind him and enjoying his potential like they are doing for Bilal.

OK. I went to see if I could list them and support them with data.

Deni vs Bilal

Deni Advantage
Body Power - Deni was stronger. Can play through contact. 6-9 210 vs 6-6 now 6-8 195
Driving - Deni because of his body was better and stronger through contact and getting +1
Handles - Again, Deni's body allowed his handles to be better with contact
Rebounds per 36 Deni 7.5 vs Bilal 5.7

On Ball - Deni can do pretty much everything better on ball, again, because of his body. He can handle the contact.

PG skills - Both make smart passes with good timing but I give Deni the edge for his full court outlets and because his body allows him to dribble through contact he can make passes ever if their is some contact. Bilal can mostly do his stuff in open spaces.

Lost balls Deni 7 for the season 54 games. Bilal 15 in 42 games
Bad Passes 17 for the season 54 games. Bilal 34 in 42 games

TOV% Deni 9% Bilal 16%
TOV per 36 Deni 0.9 v Bilal 1.9

Deni was 73% 0-3. Bilal is 67%
3-10 Ft Deni 47.3% Bilal 38.8%
10-16 Ft Deni 21.4% Bilal 18.2%
16-3P Deni 54.5% Bilal 30.8%

FT% - comparable
Maturity - both international team players with mature personalities. Bilal seems less reactive but both aren't head cases, problems or immature clowns. Both seem focused. Mature.
Speed - both were fast. Bilal probably gets into top gear quicker.
Ero - different but comparable. Bilal longer stride to get around players, but Deni can do it through contact.
Defense - Both good defenders. Bilal longer so he uses that. Deni more powerful. Id give Deni the edge here. He can wall off players and guard stronger players man up.

Bilal Advantage
Reach - Bilal is way longer. 7-2 vs 6-9
Hops - I don't see it listed but seem clear Bilal is a better leaper

3P% - Debatable still. We need a full season of Bilal. Different forms. Bilal has a wide stance more like a Horford. Deni had a quick release with more pure form, but no dip. Deni started really well from 3 his rookie year, then lots changed. He went to the bench etc. Bilal also started strong but now he has been fading. Well see where he ends up. Deni ended up 31.5% 4.8 per 36. Bilal is 3.6 per 36 and still enjoying a nice 38.7%, but its been dropping from an early 42% over the last 18 games where he has been 30.6% on 2 3PA per game.

Seems objectively, the idea that Bilal has more tool or skills then Deni did as a rookie isn't actually true. Deni had a good bit more. Bilal is mostly just longer and bouncier.

Its not a far comparison to do current Deni to Bilal.

Its yet to be seem if Bilal can be effective on ball. And I don't think he will be or unlock all of that, until he gets stronger.

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