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Wizards vs. Nuggets Recap: Washington loses, 113-104

After having no answers defensively for Nikola Jokic, the Wizards lose to the defending champions.

Denver Nuggets v Washington Wizards Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Wizards drop their fourth straight game, losing to the Nuggets 113-104.

The Wizards just had no answers for Nikola Jokic. On given night against the Nuggets, that sentence can be said for just about any team, but the Wizards lack of size really allowed Jokic to do whatever he wanted to. His 42 points really stood out in this. All of his field goal attempts were in the paint. It was clear what the Nuggets game plan was, punish the Wizards and expose their lack of size in the low post.

Outside of that, statistically if you did not look at the final score, you would think these teams were even across the board in most categories. The game just came down unable being able to make a final run to get back in the game. The Wizards never let this game get away, but could not put a big run enough to get back in to the game. The Wizards got as close 7 points towards the end of the game, but could not get any closer.

Up next, the Wizards will host the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night.

Bilal with the Buzzer Beater before the Half

Kuzma Struggling Lately

Kyle Kuzma finished in this game with 17 points on 50 percent shooting. While not a bad game by any stretch, these are the games that you need him to have an impact and it just did not happen tonight. He has struggled a bit lately. In his last 10 games, 19.9 ppg on 42 percent shooting and 30 percent from behind the arc. All of those numbers are significantly lower than his season averages so far. It makes you wonder if his reported knee injury a few weeks ago is still affecting him.