GM7 Only Utah can save the day. Partay Goodbye Poole

Clarkson and Collins for Poole and Kuzma.

I want 3 1st round picks for Kuz. At the same time I would use Kuz to get rid of Poole. Kuzma is the best player in this trade and helps make up for how bad Poole is.

Utah does this trade because Markkanen and Collins are both 4's. Collins is getting dominated and not big enough to play center effectively better than other centers most nights. Also the #9 pick Hendricks will be allowed to get some playing time. Clarkson has the same shooting percentages as Poole.

Kuz has experience playing the 3 with KP & Gaf and also with the Lakers. Collins can't play the 3. Kuz is a better fit next to Utah's franchise player Markkanen then Collins. Poole takes over Clarkson's 6th man role as the bench will need a high volume shooter. Lastly Kuz went to Utah U.

Dunn / Poole

Sexton / George

Kuz / Fontecchio

Markkanen / Hendricks

Kessler / Olynyk

DC does this trade first and foremost to get rid of Poole. Poole is can't watch TV. The whole team is unwatchable when he is in the game. It's better to get to CAP1 start of the second quarter when he is not playing.

Hate trading Kuzma for no 1st round picks, but both Collins and Clarkson's contracts are 1 year less than Poole's and could get flipped in the future. Overall the team gets better with Bagley, Clarkson and Collins over Poole and Kuzma.

Jones / Wright

Clarkson / Kispert

Deni / Bilal

Collins / Omoruyi

Gafford / Bagley

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