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Wizards assistant Joseph Blair opens up about his vegan diet

The Washington Wizards assistant coach recently spoke about how his diet has helped him live a healthy lifestyle.

Toronto Raptors v Washington Wizards

JB Blair was featured in a recent article about his vegan diet.

Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Washington Wizards assistant coach Joseph (JB) Blair was profiled by last week for his vegan diet. Blair also adds that it also helped him live a healthier lifestyle.

In an article by Anna Starostinetskaya, Blair noted that he has been vegan for nine years, and started becoming a vegetarian and pescatarian when he was a college basketball player at Arizona in the early 1990s, helping him stay in shape. He ultimately made the decision to become a vegan after seeing documentaries on animal cruelty in agriculture.

Though Blair is not an NBA player (the closest was when he played a preseason game for the Chicago Bulls), there are other players who are making the switch to becoming vegan, most notably Chris Paul.

Blair also said that a vegan diet, and the discipline to remain vegan has more benefits. Here’s a notable quote from the piece:

Mentally, I have clear thinking and focus. And, I truly do believe that the discipline it takes to follow a plant-based diet bleeds over to other aspects of your life, as well.

I personally am not vegan, though I have tried some vegan dishes which taste really close to the meat-based alternative, like plant-based burgers and chicken tenders. It will be interesting to see how veganism grows within the NBA in the years to come.