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SB Nation Reacts: Most Wizards fans are optimistic about Xavier Cooks’ play for Australia

Let’s check out this week’s survey results.


Our most recent SB Nation Reacts survey results are ready! Let’s get right to them.

Wizards fans expect Jordan Poole to be the most improved player of the team in 2023-24

SB Nation

Of our respondents, 37 percent believe that Jordan Poole will be the most improved player, followed by Xavier Cooks at 22 percent and Kyle Kuzma at 7 percent. Thirty four percent of respondents believe that another player would be the team’s most improved player.

Most Wizards fans believe that Cooks’ World Cup performance will translate into a strong Wizards season

SB Nation

A solid majority of 58 percent of our respondents believe that Cooks’ performance in the World Cup will lead into a strong performance for the Wizards this fall. Twenty four percent were unsure and 18 percent didn’t think it would lead to a strong season.

Most Wizards fans don’t think the team will be the worst team in the Eastern Conference

SB Nation

A solid majority of 59 percent of respondents believe the Wizards will finish between 11th and 14th in the Eastern Conference this season. Only 9 percent believe the Wizards will be 15th, or worst in the Eastern Conference. I find it interesting that 28 percent of respondents believe that the Wizards will make the play-in tournament. Perhaps that’s possible if things are clicking in Washington better than expected.

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