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FIBA World Cup 2023: Xavier Cooks dominates for Australia in 109-89 win over Japan

The Boomers also advance to Group K in second round play.

Xavier Cooks had a monster game today against Japan!
Photo by YUICHI YAMAZAKI/AFP via Getty Images

The Australia men’s national basketball team has advanced to Group K in the second round of the 2023 FIBA World Cup. It isn’t just because they were in second place for Group E after a 109-89 win over Japan earlier today. Washington Wizards forward Xavier Cooks had a MONSTER GAME for the Boomers as well with a 24 point, 16 rebound performance.

Cooks was the most dominant force for the Boomers, making poster dunks and blocking two shots. Here are just two of the highlights.

The Japanese never led in the game, and I don’t think adding former Wizards forward Rui Hachimura would have made a difference. They were outrebounded, and outrun by the Boomers. And, of course, Cooks was just a bit TOO dominant.

Cooks didn’t just grab 16 rebounds, 10 of them were on the offensive end. And he even dished 2 assists while keeping his turnover-less streak alive!

Josh Giddey led the Boomers in scoring with 27 points, but we know Cooks was the one COOKING in this game. And for Japan, Joshua Hawkinson led with 33 points while Phoenix Suns forward Yuta Watanabe added 24 more.

We’ll learn who Australia faces in Group K. They will play Slovenia, who clinched a spot in Group F, but it remains to be seen who will win as of the time of this posting.