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SB Nation Reacts: Who is on your Wizards Mount Rushmore?

Greg Finberg gave his list. Now, let’s figure out the community’s as a whole.

New York Knickerbockers v Washington Bullets
Earl Monroe is one players some Wizards fans believe should be on a Mount Rushmore.
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

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Welcome to the dog days of summer Wizards fans! For the next two months, all we can do is think about who the best players of all-time were, what the best plays in franchise history were, etc.

Greg Finberg revealed the four players who made his Mount Rushmore last weekend. I think most Wizards fans would agree that Wes Unseld, Daddy Wes of course, is the GOAT. And most fans would also agree that Elvin Hayes deserves a spot in Mount Rushmore. But from there, do John Wall and Bradley Beal deserve a shot? Or should another player from the 1977-78 Washington Bullets championship team deserve to be there instead.

So we will have a one question survey this week where you list the four players who deserve to be on the Wizards’ Mount Rushmore. We will show you the consensus list in the results once we get our responses!