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Wizards release 2023-24 schedule

Breaking down all the key matchups, dates, and times of the Wizards schedule

Wizards G Jordan Poole

The Washington Wizards just released their full 2023-24 regular season schedule. Some key matchups include:

  • 12/22: @ Golden State (Poole’s return)
  • 2/4: vs. Phoenix (Bradley Beal returns to D.C.)
  • 1/15: vs. Golden State (Poole vs. Draymond in D.C.)
  • 3/14: vs. Los Angelos Lakers (Rui’s 1st game back home since trade)
  • 2/5: vs. San Antonio (Wemby’s 1st game in Washington)
  • 11/16: vs. Boston (KP returns)

(10/25) Season Opener:

The Wizards will begin the 2023-24 campaign on the road in Indiana to take on the Pacers. They also opened last season in Indiana, coming away with the win. This year will look different though, with

(10/28) Home Opener:

Capital One Arena’s first glimpse of regular season action comes on Saturday when the Wizards take on the Grizzlies. Lucky for the Wizards, Ja Morant will be out while he serves his suspension. Should be a fun home opener against a solid Memphis team.

(10/30) Kristaps Porzingis returns to D.C:

Although KP is recovering from a foot injury, he could be back just in time to face his former team. This homecoming is much different from Beal’s though, because there won’t be a mixed reaction. The fans will give Porzingis the standing ovation he so deserves, even if his time here was brief.

(12/22) Poole Returns to the Bay: [ESPN]

Jordan Poole will make his first appearance at Chase Center as a member of the Wizards this December. I’m sure he’ll get a standing ovation for his huge role in bringing another title to Golden State in 2022, but his rivalry with Draymond Green will be the top storyline. I’m excited to see how this game and atmosphere play out. This will be the Wizards' sole national TV game this season.

(1/20) Wemby makes his Capital One Arena Debut:

The league’s #1 pick, and most anticipated prospect since LeBron James comes to Washington in 2024. Being that D.C. is a melting pot for many different cultures, including French citizens, this game will be circled on many calendars.

(2/4) Beal’s Homecoming: [NBATV]

The game circled on every Wizards fan’s calendar comes Sunday, February 4th, when Bradley Beal returns to D.C. After 10 seasons repping the red, white, and blue, Beal will wear orange and purple as a member of the Phoenix Suns. It’ll be interesting to see how Wiz fans embrace him. Will they boo because of the bad contract and lack of winning, or will they cheer to show their respect for his service to this team and city over the last decade? I guess we’ll see in November.

(2/27) Poole vs. Green in D.C.

All the noise surrounding this duo since the infamous punch video was put on display in December, when the two face each other for the first time. Then, in late February, poole turns to face his foe with the Washington crowd at his back. It should be a hot ticket and awesome atmosphere.

(4/3) Rui Hachimura returns for 1st time since trade:

After being dealt at the deadline last season, former Wizards draft pick Rui Hachimura comes back to Washington. I’m sure he’ll have many Japanese supporters and Laker fans behind him as he returns home. I can’t wait for Rui to receive his flowers for his time as a Wizard.

That does it for this breakdown of the Wizards’ key matchups this season. Drop your record predictions below.