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First look at Jordan Poole as a Washington Wizard

Washington’s flagship offseason acquisition is officially a Wizard

Photo from @WashWizards on Twitter.

Washington Wizards fans got their first taste of Jordan Poole rocking his new red, white and blue Wizards jersey (and a fresh new beard) on Friday.

Poole’s introduction came a day after the Chris Paul-Poole swap was finalized. The full-scale photoshoot was a welcome change of pace from the Wizards’ initial much-mocked introduction of Poole, which did not feature so much as a photoshopped jersey swap.

The Wizards’ social media team jokingly alluded to their jersey swap blunder by captioning Poole’s photoshoot “No need for Photoshop, we’ve got the real thing.”

Poole will wear number 13 for the Wizards, a departure from the number 3 jersey he wore throughout his tenure with the Golden State Warriors. Bradley Beal wore number 3 during his decade-plus with the Wizards, so perhaps Poole’s number switch was due to Washington’s future plans to retire Beal’s jersey. Or — taking my conspiracy hat off — maybe Poole just felt like a number change.

How are you all feeling about Poole’s Wizards debut? Let me know in the comments!