Why this Summer League is worth following

NBA Summer League fills a unique void that most major sports leagues are unable to. It is the only major sport where recently drafted players can immediately play against their peers in a league-sponsored and televised exhibition tournament. Where instant draft grades and analysis are immediately tested, and more attention given to whether the selected player was the right or wrong choice.

I can say watching Johnny Davis’ struggles last year in Summer League was a preview to his tumultuous rookie year.

Unlike in previous seasons, this Summer League should be worth paying close attention to give the new state of the organization. The Wizards are now in a rebuilding phase, hoping to see development in their recently acquired player via draft or trade. While Washington isn’t trotting out franchise-level talent a la John Wall or Bradley Beal, most of the mentioned prospects should see significant time in the upcoming season.

Johnny Davis

Outside of Bilal Coulibaly, Davis has the biggest microscope on him. I don’t think I need to go over Johnny’s last season. The struggles were evident during his first Summer League matches where his shooting was subpar. Fast forward this season and I assume the coaching staff and new front office will want to monitor his development. The bench spots for the Wizards are up for grabs. Perfect time for Davis to show what he can contribute to a rebuilding roster.

Bilal Coulibaly & Tristan Vukvevic

The two international drafted players are the embodiment of a sword & shield in their anticipated contributions.

Bilal projects to be a defensive menace and he will be able to showcase his on and off ball abilities against his peers. He even has some good driving capabilities, being able to move decisively and draw contact. While Bilal might be a raw prospect, fans shall see which of his perceived skills are up to NBA level. A strong showing will help inspire confidence in the new front office’s plan for the future.

With the departure of Kristaps Porzingis, there is room for a stretch big to fill for Vukvevic. Question remains, how close is he to competing at the pro-level and when he will be able to come overseas. If this year’s NBA Draft showcase hints anything, Tristan might end up as the leading scorer for the Summer League roster. But the Summer League will likely expose the defensive deficiencies in his game. Whether he starts his career in Washington in the main or G-League roster, it would be great to see any positive showing from a second round selection. Especially from an organization tenure where late draft developments are lacking.

Ryan Rollins & Patrick Baldwin Jr.

Two players from the 2022 draft coming over from the extended three-team Beal trade from Golden State. What the front office lacked in obtaining future first round capital, they can hope to make up for in young prospects. Both will be turning 21 this upcoming season and did not get much time to see the court behind a title-contending roster.

It remains to be seen where they can fit onto the rebuilding roster, but any skill is welcomed.

Regardless of the win-loss record, the hope is that any of the young prospects can showcase something to look forward to in their development. In the rare time of a Wizards rebuild, the spotlight of the minutes and focus will be on the young players.

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