We Need A 3rd Center

My first concern is gafford getting fouls as early in the 1st half.

Then muscala will get a lot of minutes, He can shoot but that's the only role mike will provide and he is 32 years old.

I don't want to see kuzma and deni forced to play center. That would be awful, Even if you call it a small ball lineup.

We have guaranteed 16 players, So even if we waived gill, We need more room to sign tristan. But tristan is also a power forward in my opinion. He will get killed by playing center. There is a reason no one drafted the guy but us.

Baldwin Jr. might be a better backup power forward over tristan but gallinari is also here unless traded, And danilo is 35 years of age.

If muscala is a trusted backup center then all we need is a guy who just play less than 10 minutes and collects some fouls like a jay huff role. Although we need rebounding the best available is whiteside and he might not be willing to play as 3rd reserve bigman.

We could have signed robin lopez or alex len.

Boban Marjanovic can fill that jay huff role but it might not be worth it. Moses Brown signed to another team already.

Maybe Dwight Howard wants to be that big body bully that we need? He is aiming for a comeback though.

We already have tristan, xavier, patrick, That is already a good young pf rotation. Are we planing to keep muscala or trade in august? Playing kuzma or deni at center might result to injuries.

We have lots of 2nd round picks for 2024 that we can used one to draft a young bigman. So since poole, kuzma, tyus, and coach wes will not let us suck and try to get us a win, Then another bigman is not a bad idea.

Waived gill and trade shamet or danilo, We will have 2 open slots not unless tristan gets one open slot.

Wright traded for kai jones or nick richards?

Shamet traded for jalen smith?

Is it worth it?

Maybe willie cauley-stein is happy to play 10-15 minutes as 3rd reserve?


Kuzma/Gallinari(traded or not)/Baldwin Jr/Tristan/Cooks(can play sf)

Who is our 3rd bigman help?

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