Current Roster and how we should set the line ups

Current Roster and how we should set the line ups

I sure as hell hope this isn't how they are lining them up. I have no idea if we start the year with this as the roster. There are rumors about moving Shamet or Galo. But they don't have to right now.

Ive been having my challenges lining things up given this roster and what I've seen posted on ESPN as to how they are slotted. I don't like what ESPN has regarding what works best now and moving forward. We need more defenders who can also scorer. Deni and JD not having good 3 balls is dramatically affecting how to make things work, as is Corey not being a better defender, though he has improved. But I don't think they should let that get in their way of developing them. If they are focused on process more then winning, then focus on process. To me the process is evaluating and developing talent to keep or trade. That mean prioritizing talent that has upside over back up vets.

Ive heard hopes are that now that Kuz is a key player and leader, he will be more selective in his shots and have more plays run for him for better shots. Hopefully that raises his 3P% and TS%. He has also said himself he see his role as more making others better and helping younger players. Which he has in the past. And developing a winning culture.

Starters are ideally two way players. Efficient scorers, and bare min they are average defenders. Ideally they are plus defenders.

Poole is said to be a horrible defender. I haven't watched his defense first hand to know why people say that but if he sucks at D, we need the other 4 to make up for it. And our coaching staff has to put him in position to at least be a good position team defender. He has enough size. New culture demands he give some effort.

With Gafs style of D, we have to play more drop coverage in half court. So other 4 need to be 1-4 switch defenders or at least perimeter switch defenders. Then we have to make sure we have good transition defense. Thats mostly effort. Coaches have to demand effort. That's culture. I have zero doubt JD will be a good transition defender so he already has value in that.

I guess they can start the year like this. Injuries happen which can open things up. But I see lining them up that way as a big waste of time. Just get to it from the start. It took way to long to get KP at the 4 with Gaff at the 5.

There is talk of them being a running team. Rebound and go. That's a big reason they moved KP. In a transition game, Deni and Johnny are more viable instantly because transition scoring is easier for them. As is the importance of transition defense, which both can do. This won't help come the playoffs when there is more half court offense, but it will help them develop throughout the year, which is what this year is about.

There is also talk that Poole needs to be point scorer more like Trae. If that's the case, that moves everything around. I would prefer they start the year like this prioritizing young player development and evaluating over playing back up vets as starters. Jones and Shamets value isn't changing so I see no reason to start Jones or play Shamet over JD. Plus Deni should be starting this year. So should Corey. To keep or move them, this is best for them to develop and for their value.

Here is what I am hoping they do from day one. This also sets the tone/message for what this year is about and instills the teams confidence in the the younger players.

Poole, Wright, Jones, Rollins
Corey, JD, Shamet
Deni, Bilal ( Kuz can play some 3 as well ), Omoruyi
Kuz, Galo, PBJ
Gaff, Vuk, Muscala

If you want to actually develop your young players, then play it like this and let the vets back them up.

I actually like this. Deni and Kuz can rebound and run or pass it up or run sets with Poole and Corey off ball.

Poole, Deni or Kuz can two man with Gaff and set up lobs. They can rebound and run with Corey spotting up at the 3 line. Actually if Deni is rebounding and running, all of Poole, Corey and Kuz can stop at the 3 line and things are wide open. Deni can drive or drive and dish. Gaff can crash the offensive boards. Poole can breaks down the defense whenever its needs with his elite handles.

Second unit can run as well. All of Wright, JD, Bilal and Galo can handle the ball. Vuk can invert the D by trailing for a 3 so he can get back on defense. So can Muscala. Wright, JD and Bilal can be the core of the defense stripping the ball and getting into transition. Wright, Galo, Vuk and Mus can hit 3s.

Hopefully they do this instead of starting Jones and having Shamet backing up Poole. Actually, Jones and Shamet won't even be getting minutes initially but they are there in case of injury, or to trade later, or to step in if another player is traded. We need to stop prioritizing back up vets like Morris, Jones, Shamet over developing youth that has upside still.

And lined up like that, I wouldn't be shocked if that team is around .500%. Won't be shocked if they are 40% either. But that isn't the main point of lining them up this way anyway.

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