Retool With a Charlotte Trade

Scoot Henderson looks legit. We need a PG and a retool. This trade would do that.

Charlotte gets:



57th pick

Washington gets:





3rd pick

27th pick

39thh pick

Why for Charlotte:

There have been rumors that Charlotte wants to be good sooner rather than later. This trade would do that. They'd have two star guards with a pretty good center. Then it's just about rounding out the roster. They could resign Washington, Oubre, and Bridges( it seems likely they'll resign him after his unofficial year of suspension) all together for probably around 45 million. Possibly even less. That would give them a great top 6 players. They could use the full MLE on a guard for a pretty good top 7 players, though that would put them just a little over the tax line. With that team, they may be able to attract a good veteran or two on a minimum deal. They also could hit on one of their 2nd Rd draft picks at 34, 43, and 57th. The best part about this trade for Charlotte, is they don't give up any future assets. Armed with all of their own firsts they would have some flexibility to make other moves. They also get to ditch the Hayward contract and don't have to worry about paying Rozier over 20 million for 3 more years.

Ball, MLE, Smith

Beal, Bouknight

Bridges, Oubre

Washington, Thor

Porzingas, Jones

Fill it in with some veteran minimum contracts and 2nd Rd picks and call it good

Why for Washington:

This is all about retooling around Scoot and depth. Scoot would be the young upcoming star that would get fans in the seats. And if he is as good as I think he is, he could lead the team for years. The Wizards would also have good young talent. They could draft Hendricks at 8, would have a young potential filled center in Williams, and still have the 27th, 39th, and 42nd picks.

This trade would also make the Wizards really deep. They'd be 2 deep at every position. Hayward is pretty good when he is healthy, and if he's not, it just means more time for Kuzma, Hendricks, and Martin. Martin was pretty solid for Charlotte, and his twin brother is blowing up in Miami, so there may be more there.

Now there is the question on whether or not Beal would want to go to Charlotte. I am not sure he'd allow it. That is why I added Porzingas to the trade as well. So he could think about how they'd have 3 all star level players in him, Porzingas, and Ball. Between that and resigning the plethora of forwards and having all their own draft picks to potentially use for future trades, I think he'd consider it.

The line up

Scoot, Morris, Goodwin

Rozier, Wright, Kispert, Davis

Hayward, Martin, Avdija

Kuzma, Hendricks, Gill, Todd

Gafford, Williams, Cooks

That's a pretty good line up with a bunch of future potential. That's not even including the 27th, 39th and 42nd picks. This does lead to a problem with the trade. Roster spots. Washington would have to cut players at this rate. They could, and stay under the tax even. The best approach though would probably be to send 2-4 players to another team in a trade. Maybe one to move up from the 27th pick in the draft or a trade for future assets.

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