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Ted Leonsis says the Wizards were missing “an identity” before hiring Michael Winger

For now, it appears that the Washington Wizards are hitting all the right notes with the press game.

Michael Winger Introductory Press Conference
Here is a pic of the Wizards’ A-Team.
Photo by Kenny Giarla/NBAE via Getty Images

Monumental Sports & Entertainment CEO Ted Leonsis acknowledged that the Washington Wizards did not have “an identity” in an interview yesterday on NBC Sports Washington. You can watch the snippet below.

For those of you who have read my writing on this site and/or Swish Appeal over the years, you know I hate the term “looking for an identity.” EVERY TEAM HAS AN IDENTITY!

So what is the Wizards’ identity? A team striving for mediocrity, if that with a cap-strapped roster.

Now that my venting is out of the way, I get what Leonsis is referring to by “identity.” The Wizards were a mediocre-at-best team with Tommy Sheppard as their previous General Manager. And Leonsis is sick and tired of the Wizards being that position.

It’s clear that Leonsis wants that to change the Wizards’ perception by bringing in front office executives like Winger and new GM Will Dawkins. And I was happy to see that Leonsis was openly frustrated about the Wizards not being able to contend for championships like the Mystics, Capitals and Wizards Digital Gaming have in recent years.

The Wizards’ path toward championship contention, whenever that is, will take time. But like Greg Finberg wrote yesterday, I am hopeful that yesterday’s press conference was a step in the right direction.