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Should the Wizards sign Chris Paul?

The first-ballot hall-of-famer was reportedly waived by the Suns Wednesday.

2023 NBA Playoffs - Phoenix Suns v Denver Nuggets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

On Wednesday evening, Chris Haynes dropped the bombshell that the Phoenix Suns had waived veteran point guard Chris Paul. Though other reporters disputed the semantics of the report, all indications point to Paul being a free agent this summer.

Paul, 38, is a 12-time NBA All-Star, an 11-time All-NBA player and a nine-time member of the NBA’s All-Defensive team. Paul is one of the great floor-raisers the league has ever seen, and his teams have qualified for the playoffs in 15 of his 18 seasons.

The point guard’s release was unexpected, especially considering that it was announced hours before Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Paul is sure to draw significant interest on the open market from contending and rebuilding teams alike, but should the Wizards sign him?

As it stands, the Wizards’ direction for next season remains unclear. Various conflicting reports have emerged surrounding whether or not the team will rebuild, but Paul would be a solid fit for the team regardless of direction.

If the Wizards try and compete, Paul would serve as a straight upgrade over current starting point guard Monte Morris. Morris would instantly become one of the best backup point guards in the league, and his presence would allow Paul to preserve his health by limiting his workload. Paul’s steady playmaking and astronomical basketball IQ would instantly give the Wizards a jolt of life.

If Washington decides to blow it up and rebuild, there are few veterans more valuable than Paul to have around and mentor young players. Paul is one of the craftiest and smartest players of all time, and he could be a really solid coach-type player in the late stages of his career. We’ve already seen players like Udonis Haslem and Andre Iguodala extend their careers by serving as mentors and essentially player-coaches, and Paul in his advanced age perfectly fits this type of profile.

Do you think the Wizards should sign Chris Paul? Why or why not?