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NBA teams were hesitant to acquire Bradley Beal due to tax reasons, according to report

If the Phoenix Suns didn’t want the former Washington Wizards guard, Beal could still be in D.C. right now.

Phoenix Suns Introduce Bradley Beal - Press Conference
Bradley Beal may still be with the Washington Wizards if the Phoenix Suns weren’t willing to make a splash.
Photo by Barry Gossage / NBAE via Getty Images

Bradley Beal is now with the Phoenix Suns. And he had an introductory press conference with them yesterday. But if the Suns weren’t willing to make a big trade for him, Beal may still be on the Washington Wizards right now. This is because other teams interested in him were hesitant to trade for him due to luxury tax implications, according to Steve Bulpett of Heavy.

How did Beal end up in Phoenix then? Kevin Durant, the Suns’ biggest star played a major part in convincing their ownership to bring Beal in as a third star alongside Devin Booker and himself.

Here is the quote from that executive:

It was a hard contract to move. Bradley might have been stuck in Washington if it hadn’t been for the new guy in Phoenix (owner Mat Ishbia) wanting to make a splash. And he got pushed by KD (Kevin Durant) to add that third guy. Kevin was the driver in that regard. And Bradley still had to give up his no-trade clause and (15%) trade kicker to make it work.

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