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Australian guard Dejan Vasiljevic will play for the Wizards’ Summer League team

Vasiljevic spent four years at the University of Miami before playing in the Australian NBL.

NBL Rd 17 - Tasmania Jackjumpers v Sydney Kings
Vasiljevic playing for the Sydney Kings.
Photo by Simon Sturzaker/Getty Images

Per Olgun Uluc of ESPN Australia, Dejan Vasiljevic of the Sydney Kings will play in the 2023 NBA Summer League for the Washington Wizards. He’s been a teammate of Wizards forward Xavier Cooks, who is also projected to play in Las Vegas, the last few seasons.

Vasiljevic, a 6’3 guard, is a high-volume perimeter shooter, making 38.8% of this 6 three-point attempts per game. Prior to that, he spent four seasons playing at the University of Miami. As a senior, he averaged around 13 points and 4 rebounds per game. Over his four seasons of college basketball, he made 36.7% of his 5.8 three-point attempts per game.

Vasiljevic played for the Suns’ Summer League team last season but didn’t get much playing time. I would expect a similar situation for him with the Wizards, unless they’re really banking on him to provide some spacing for the team. He and Osun Osunniyi are the only two additions to the roster that have been announced so far.