How patient will you be?

I hope to see improvement by the 4th season -- 2026-2027 and then solid playoff performances beginning 2028-2029 onward. That's my hope, and the degree to which I will be patient.

Wizards can suck for three straight seasons, in terms of their of record, and I won't complain one bit.

But I hope to see:

- Player development (SGA is a great model)

- Very good use of draft picks and see more UDFA signings (a lot of the better clubs do this -- Bucks, Heat, Jazz, Lakers, Spurs, Suns, Thunder, Warriors, 76ers; wby can't we?) Even Bulls signed Adama Sanogo...

- Smart contracts entered into (team can "take" bad contracts over if it results in more first round picks accumulated)

- Steady improvement in years 4 and 5 and reach a really strong level of play in playoffs year in, year out beginning 2028-2029 (ideal - Warriors; settle for Celtics, Heat or LeBron's v2 Cavs) The right coach is critical to achieve all this!

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