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Qatari fund looking to invest into Monumental Sports & Entertainment

This is the first time a soveriegn state could be part of an American professional sports corporation.

Michael Winger Introductory Press Conference Photo by Kenny Giarla/NBAE via Getty Images

Last week, Rick Maese and Ben Golliver of The Washington Post reported that the Qatari Investment Authority, a state-owned entity, intends to buy a 5 percent stake in Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE). If all sides approve this deal, the Qatari government would be the first to own a piece of major American professional sports teams.

MSE owns the Washington Wizards, Mystics, Capitals, and Capital City Go-Go. They also have Wizards DG and own NBC Sports Washington, soon to be renamed as Monumental Sports Network.

The NBA and NHL are the two biggest leagues involved in the deal, given that MSE is more than ownership of just one team. The NBA is still reviewing it, but the NHL has approved it, according to Maese’s and Golliver’s report.

The NBA has no rule that prevents sovereign state-owned entities like the Qatari fund from owning a piece of an NBA team. However, these investors cannot own more than 20 percent of a team, and their stake can only be passive. In other words, the Qatari fund’s representatives cannot make major decisions regarding the Wizards.

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