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SB Nation Reacts: Most Wizards fans are confident in the new front office

The Michael Winger and Will Dawkins era is off on the right foot.

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 08: Wizards general manager Will Dawkins Photo by Craig Hudson for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Thank you for your national and team-based SB Nation Reacts survey responses. Our Washington Wizards survey results are below. The national results can be found here.

Most Wizards fans are confident in the direction of the team!

SB Nation

A total of 54 percent of over 200 respondents gave 4s and 5s, indicating they were confident in the team's direction. Another 24 percent gave 3’s, indicating they were content or neutral with the Wizards’ direction. Why are fans confident?

  • The Wizards are now rebuilding — This was the number one reason as multiple fans wrote “Rebuild,” “Clean house” or “starting over” in their responses.
  • New front office — Fans are also happy that Tommy Sheppard is no longer the GM. Even if Michael Winger wasn’t the President of Monumental Basketball and if Will Dawkins wasn’t the Wizards’ new General Manager, I still think a majority of fans would give at least a 3 regarding their confidence.
  • The response I liked the most — “The people at the head of the table, will make the adult decisions. A rebuild was needed for years. Now, many are upset at the Beal return. That said, I am okay with it. A supermax with a no trade clause could have held us back from the standpoint of a new era. One that has already started to be established. I love that the new President and GM have stated they want to know where the players stand in our new direction. You are IN, or you are OUT. This is the start of what I hope is a new era of men who want to wear the Bullets/Wizards uniform with pride. Play for the city, the fans and the team. Not just themselves and stats!”

Why are fans not confident?

  • The Bradley Beal trade netted them underwhelming returns — The timing of this survey ended before the draft last Thursday. Now that it’s Saturday, we now know that trading Beal gave the Wizards Chris Paul, who was traded to the Golden State Warriors for Jordan Poole. If this survey began on Friday, perhaps people would have liked the return better.
  • It’s too early to give confidence just because someone new is running the show — Multiple respondents responded to the effect of “Wait and see.”
  • The response I liked the most — “A new GM group has started their reign by getting fleeced. It doesn’t matter how much they spin it. At the end of the day they were the ones who pushed for the trade and got absolutely nothing. Trying to spin an absolute fleecing as a victory for the Wizards and blaming everything on Beal is something the [team now known as the Commanders] used to do.“

Wizards fans give the new management a median grade of B so far

SB Nation

Most of our respondents gave the Wizards’ new front office As and Bs (a combined 61 percent) for their job so far. Winger and Dawkins have made their plan clear with their moves in June: the Wizards are now beginning their rebuild. And most fans appear to be patient, even considering that the Beal trade was underwhelming ... before Paul was flipped for Poole.

Wizards fans guessed correctly that Chris Paul wasn’t wearing Monumental Red next season

SB Nation

When I read that Paul would be coming to the Wizards in exchange for Beal, I was skeptical that he would actually play in Washington. Most of our respondents (91 percent), also shared that sentiment.

Thanks for giving us Jordan Poole, CP3!

We will have another round of surveys next week as the NBA offseason heads toward free agency!

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