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The Wizards acquire Tyus Jones in three-team deal with the Grizzlies and Celtics

Kristaps Porzinigis will move on from Washington to Boston. Marcus Smart moves from Boston to Memphis. Mike Muscala, Danilo Gallinari and a second round pick will also come to Washington.

Memphis Grizzlies v Washington Wizards
The Wizards have another point guard.
Photo by KeShawn Ennis/NBAE via Getty Images

The Washington Wizards have made another major trade, this time involving Kristaps Porzingis. But if you went to bed at around 9 p.m. ET like me, you woke up this morning to a bunch of wild tweets.

Yesterday evening, it appeared that Washington would send Porzingis to the Boston Celtics, and the Los Angeles Clippers would be a third team in the deal. At about 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday, the Celtics decided to move on from a three-team deal involving the Celtics.

The Wizards then spoke to the Memphis Grizzlies about adding them to the deal. Ultimately, this deal came through. Here is Adrian Wojnarowski discussing how this came about on ESPN’s SportsCenter.

And here are the terms of which player(s) are going where per Wojnarowski:

  • Wizards get: Tyus Jones, Danilo Gallinari, Mike Muscala, No. 35 pick in the 2023 Draft
  • Celtics get: Kristaps Porzingis, No. 25 pick in the 2023 draft and 2024 first round picks
  • Grizzlies get: Marcus Smart

Ultimately, this is another deal where the Wizards are clearly deciding to rebuild from the ground up. Porzingis was the Wizards’ strongest performer last season, averaging 23.2 points and 8.4 rebounds per game in 65 appearances last season.

However, Washington’s best incoming player is Jones, a point guard who is averaging 10.3 points and 5.2 assists per game. They already have Chris Paul from the Bradley Beal trade, though it’s far from a given that Paul will actually wear a Wizards uniform.

Muscala averaged 6.1 points per game while Gallinari did not play last season due to a knee injury.

The most disappointing part of this deal is that the Wizards won’t have an additional first round pick in the deal.

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