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NBC Sports Washington rebrands as Monumental Sports Network

Monumental Sports & Entertainment bought NBC Sports Washington in full last year. The name change will happen in Sept. 2023.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment

On Wednesday, Monumental Sports & Entertainment announced that NBC Sports Washington will be rebranded as Monumental Sports Network. The name change will take effect in September 2023. MSE has owned NBC Sports Washington in full since last year.

For the most part, coverage will remain the same. The Washington Capitals’, Mystics’ and Wizards’ broadcasting teams will return. They will all have pre and post game shows for every game. But here are some more things you can expect this fall, if not sooner during the Mystics’ season which is in progress:

  • Wizards and Capitals coaches will be mic’ed up every game.
  • Sideline reporters, presumably even the Mystics’ will travel with the team for every road game.
  • More advanced statistics.

There will also be some additional shows:

  • Former ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols will host a long form interview show. Nichols is from Potomac, Md. and graduated from Winston Churchill High School in Potomac before attending journalism school at Northwestern University.
  • There will be rebranded Wizards and Capitals Magazine shows.
  • The network will host a show with Caesars Sportsbook. Note that the Sportsbook at Capital One Arena is affiliated with Caesars.

How do you feel about the rebrand and some of the new shows? I’m most interested in Nichols’. Let us know in the comments below.