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Chris Paul learned he was traded to the Wizards during flight to New York City to promote his book

The …. Washington Wizards guard? … was on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to promote his new book. But news sometimes gets in the way.

Chris Paul didn’t expect to change teams right before an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

Washington Wizards guard (?), or at the very least, NBA superstar Chris Paul was on ABC’s “Good Morning America” earlier today. He was there to promote his memoir, “Sixty-one.” You can watch the interview below.

Paul’s book is about his grandfather, who helped him become the man and father he is now. But before Paul could say anything about the book, GMA host Michael Strahan mentioned the trade that sent Paul to Washington in exchange for Bradley Beal (and a lot more players and assets). Paul mentioned that he learned about the trade while on a flight to New York City.

If you are looking for a quote like “Man, why the hell was I sent to the Wizards?” or “WTF?,” Paul is too classy to do that. But he was just as surprised as any of us when the news came out.

Many of you believe that Paul will either be re-traded or bought out by the Wizards once the Beal trade is official. But you never know if Paul is willing to see what D.C. is like, not unlike Russell Westbrook during the 2020-21 NBA season.

Do you think Paul should spend some time in D.C. to mentor the young players? Let us know in the comments below.