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Four potential trade packages if Wizards decide to move Bradley Beal

Now that a trade looks more possible than ever, let’s take a look at scenarios where Beal is dealt.

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Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal could very well be wearing a new uniform next year. So what teams can realistically trade for Bradley Beal? Well, whatever team that is will need to meet certain criteria:

  1. Beal must WANT to go there
  2. Beal’s new team must have the cap space to take on his contract + 15% trade kicker
  3. Beal’s new team has to have inflated contracts they’re willing to move

Outlined below are my three most realistic trade packages surrounding Bradley Beal. They involve trades to:

  • Miami Heat
  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Dallas Mavericks

Trade No. 1: Beal to the Haeat


  • Tyler Herro
  • Duncan Robinson
  • Pick No. 18


Bradley Beal

Look, I know it’s underwhelming. However, realism is needed here. Beal’s only wish may be Miami, and if that’s the case, our negotiating power is limited. Without the NTC (no trade clause), three first round picks would be the minimum. Unfortunately, Beal holds all the cards, so we must work with both him and Miami to find a middle ground.

This trade makes it so we don’t get equal value, but we also don’t get fleeced. If Miami tries to hold the NTC against us and only offers salary fillers for Beal, I’d be inclined to hold on to him for now.

A trade for just Herro and Robinson gets you nowhere. Herro still has four years and $120 million guaranteed, and Robinson has two years for $37.5 million guaranteed. Picks make this deal worthwhile, and in a deep draft class, picking up another top-20 selection is ideal.

Miami gets to pair Brad with Jimmy and Bam, creating a fearsome Big 3. For a team that ranked dead last in scoring last season, adding a scorer of Beal’s caliber is just what Miami needs.

Trade No. 2: Beal to Milwaukee


  • Kris Middleton
  • Marjon Beauchamp
  • 2029 first round pick


  • Bradley Beal

This is the worst case scenario for the Wizards. Milwaukee has just one tradable first-round pick in the next six years, which comes in 2029. This pick wouldn’t be much help for a Washington rebuild.

One positive is that Middleton’s deal is an expiring one. He’s on the books for $40.1 million this season, then becomes a free agent. The Wizards would save $150 million over the next three years by making this deal.

Beauchamp is just a year removed from being the 24th pick in the draft. His playing time lessened as the season went on, but his upside remains. He’s a guy who could blossom on a bad Wizards team where he’ll get a sizable uptick in minutes.

I can only see the Wizards making this move if forced. If Brad tells Winger that Milwaukee is the only place he desires, Winger has a decision to make because I don’t think Milwaukee has enough.

Trade No. 3: Beal to Portland


  • Jusuf Nurkic
  • Anfernee Simons
  • No. 3 pick in the 2023 Draft

Trail Blazers:

  • Bradley Beal
  • Daniel Gafford
  • No. 8 pick in the 2023 Draft

In this scenario, Portland acquires Beal to pair with Lillard in the backcourt. They also get back the Wizards’ first round pick, dropping just five spots in the order. So, Portland essentially levels up at SG, picks up a better fit at the center position, and only drops five spots. That seems like a win to me, especially considering Scoot Henderson’s difficult fit in Portland.

The Wizards get back Anfernee Simons. Just 24 years old, Simons is coming off a career year in which he averaged 21.1 ppg. He’s a knockdown shooter with an underrated mid-range game. Simons has three years, $77.6 million remaining on his contract, locking him up for the foreseeable future.

The real win here is the third overall pick. With all signs pointing towards Charlotte taking Brandon Miller, Scoot Henderson would become a Wizard. For a team beginning a long rebuild, I can’t think of a better player to do it around than Scoot (other than Wemby).

Washington has reportedly expressed a desire to move into the top 3, per Sean Highkin, further fueling rumors that this type of deal could be in the works.

Trade No. 4: Beal to Dallas


  • Tim Hardaway Jr.
  • Davis Bertans
  • Jaden Hardy
  • No. 10 pick in 2023 Draft


  • Bradley Beal

Beal has to want to go to Dallas. I’m not sure they will be on his shortlist, but if so, I greatly like this deal.

Washington picks up a second top-10 pick to add to their young core. Additionally, they add second-year guard Jaden Hardy, who showed impressive flashes towards the end of last season.

Both Hardaway Jr. and Bertans are salary fillers. I already know Wiz fans will be in up in arms over bringing Davis back, mainly because he was terrible after signing his big contract. But do we REALLY care how bad he is if the goal is to deconstruct and get better draft picks? My point is that Bertans’ and Hardaway’s salaries are a non-issue. The bonus here is another Top 10 pick.

As for the Mavs, they pair Luka Doncic with another lethal scoring option. I’m not sure they would do this move if Kyrie Irving returns, but we’ll have to see. They’ve been rumored to be in the market for another star and are possibly willing to move their pick. This trade brings truth to both rumors and works for both sides.

If the Wizards decide to rebuild and are willing to trade Beal, these aforementioned trades work best for all parties. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.