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Report: Wizards working with Bradley Beal on trade

Additional reporting suggests a move could take place prior to draft night.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As reported today by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Wizards are going to engage in talks with star guard Bradley Beal to find a trade destination.

Beal holds a no trade clause in his contract, meaning he can veto any trade the Wizards make. It’s the reason the Wizards brain trust must sit down with both Beal and his agent to work through potential trade partners.

Beal also has a 15% trade kicker that raises his already large salary, which could be a concern for teams acquiring him. He’s set to make $46.7 million this season, and still has three years remaining on his supermax contract.

As reported by Shams, Miami is a team to monitor for Beal. They’ve lost two of the last four NBA Finals, and ranked dead last in scoring this season. Adding a player and scorer like Beal would elevate that aspect of their offense and possibly take them over the hump. He mentioned earlier that Miami’s starting trade package to acquire a star would be: Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, and three first-round picks.

Shams also mentions the Milwaukee Bucks as potential suitor for Beal.

Other teams that could be interested in Beal:

  • Philadelphia
  • Portland
  • Dallas
  • New York

Obviously, Beal must okay a trade before it becomes final, but this is a great first step towards a total rebuild. As I tweeted earlier, all signs are pointing towards a full reset in Washington:

Let me know your best trade packages for Beal below.

Our own Matt Modderno discuss the potential trade in more detail on the Bleav in Wizards podcast today. They covered what a deal might look like and how a trade prior to the draft could influence the front office’s draft strategy. Additional reporting has stated that the Wizards are interested in trading into the top 3 of this year’s draft, which was also discussed on the podcast.