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NBA teams believe the Wizards will rebuild in within the next year, according to report

The team is cap strapped and doesn’t have much room to improve, so this isn’t unexpected.

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Michael Winger Introductory Press Conference Photo by Kenny Giarla/NBAE via Getty Images

Monumental Basketball President Michael Winger and Washington Wizards General Manager Will Dawkins have openly said that they never intended to come to Washington thinking that they will rebuild the roster down from day one. However, that is what numerous NBA team executives think that they would do, according to Josh Robbins of The Athletic.

Last December, I wrote that it was time for the Wizards to rebuild. This also happened to be before their move up the standings before the All-Star Break and their collapse right after it. It is well known that Washington doesn’t have cap room to sign consequential free agents. And they will still have Bradley Beal on their roster for the next four seasons with a no-trade clause, unless he waives that right of course.

Robbins’ article noted that Winger and Dawkins, would likely implement the rebuild as early as this offseason but definitely no later than a year. If this happens, don’t be surprised to see the Wizards have some tough seasons in the next two-three years while ticket prices may continue to increase. And barring a sudden major free agent signing, the team is likely going to stay toward the bottom in home game attendance until the rebuild is closer to complete.

Again, I think the Wizards should rebuild and I think Winger and Dawkins will go in that direction. I also hope you are all ready for the growing pains that may be ahead.