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Could Scott Perry be a good fit for the Wizards GM role?

Ted Leonsis will probably not hire a GM who wants to tear down the roster, and the New York Knicks GM has experience developing successful teams without doing just that.

New York Knicks Introduce New Signees
Scott Perry has been part of NBA championship teams made of “spare parts,” like the Detroit Pistons of 2003-04.
Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

The Washington Wizards’ GM search is continuing, and we don’t really know who could be a serious candidate for the job. Remember, any previous talks the Wizards had to this point were like first round, or “get to know you” interviews.

Yesterday, Jerry Brewer of The Washington Post suggested that New York Knicks General Manager Scott Perry could be a good fit for Washington. He spent over 23 years with other NBA teams, including with the Detroit Pistons during their 2000s heyday and 2003-04 championship year. The Pistons of the 2000s and the current-day Knicks aren’t built around the draft. Rather, they were built around matching players to an ideal “team identity” without marrying to the idea of a strict tear-it-down rebuild.

I’m not opposed to the idea of bringing in Perry for an interview, if he’s interested. But I’m skeptical about what the Wizards can do with their current foundation.

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