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Bob Myers was never coming to the Wizards anyway. Let’s move forward with the Michael Winger Era.

2023 NBA Playoffs- Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers
Bob Myers was reported offered a position by Monumental Basketball
Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Monumental Basketball is moving full speed ahead in the Michael Winger Era. But it was reported that the organization wanted to see what then-Golden State Warriors General Manager Bob Myers wanted to do.

Earlier this week, Myers resigned from the Warriors. And there were reports that the Wizards were ready to offer him a significant contract. Ultimately, Myers isn’t with the Wizards or Monumental Basketball.

Since Myers left the Warriors, an organization that won four NBA championships under his watch, it’s perhaps time for a break. It seems like Myers is more likely to take a job in the corporate world outside of sports for the time being. He is an attorney by trade.

At this point, it’s a better idea for the Wizards to move ahead with Winger and see how he approaches the draft and free agency. Sure, Myers did a great job in Golden State, but if he was burnt out last year, I’m also not sure that he would be the best fit here in D.C.