Let's go defense...Brown & Brogdon for Beal & Morris

I am not a Jaylen Brown fan because he has tunnel vision. At the same time this is the only way to get out of Beal's contract. DC would also have a starting PG in Brogdon for the next two seasons.

DC gets out of Beal's contract and Boston gets out of paying Brown 60 million a year. DC can flip Brown at the deadline to a contender or not resign him. There is no reason to give Brown 295 million dollars.

Brogdon / Brown / Bilal / KP / Gaf

Wright / Jackson / Kispert / Deni / Huff

Maybe with age Beal declines and Brown gets better. Celtics appease Tatum and make this trade to unite Tatum and Beal.

I want better defense and rebounding along with getting out of Beal's contract. This trade accomplishes it all! I would throw in one or both 2nd round picks to get this done.

DC summer job is easy.

1) Draft Bilal

2) Trade Beal & Morris for Brown & Brogdon

3) Resign KP

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