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The best defenders in Wizards franchise history per ChatGPT

Previously, we asked for the best overall players, this time let's focus on one specific side of the ball: defense.

Philadelphia 76ers v Baltimore Bullets
Gus Johnson for the Baltimore Bullets
Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

In a previous post, I asked ChatGPT to list the best Washington Wizards of all time. It was mostly a pretty good list although it left enough room for discussion.

This time, I narrowed the search and asked it, "Who are the best defensive players to ever play for the Washington Wizards?" In my opinion, this list was less successful than the first.

It provided the following response.

"The Washington Wizards, formerly the Washington Bullets, have had several notable defensive players throughout their history. Here are some of the best defensive players to have played for the franchise:

Wes Unseld: While Unseld was primarily known for his rebounding and outlet passing, he was also an exceptional defensive player. His physicality, strength, and positioning made him a formidable presence in the paint.

Ben Wallace: Although Wallace played a significant portion of his career with the Detroit Pistons, he spent his rookie season with the Washington Wizards. Wallace quickly established himself as an elite defensive player, earning the first of his four NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards in his debut season.

Gus Johnson: Gus Johnson was an outstanding athlete and an exceptional shot-blocker during his time with the Bullets. He was known for his leaping ability and shot-contesting skills.

Bobby Dandridge: Dandridge was a versatile player who was not only an offensive threat but also a tenacious defender. He was a key defensive contributor during the Bullets’ championship run in 1978.

Phil Chenier: While Chenier was known for his scoring ability, he was also an underrated defender. He was often tasked with guarding the opponent’s best perimeter player and was known for his defensive intensity.

Trevor Ariza: Ariza’s tenure with the Wizards may have been relatively short, but he made a significant impact on the defensive end. His length, athleticism, and defensive instincts made him a valuable perimeter defender.

These are just a few examples of the best defensive players to have played for the Washington Wizards franchise. Other notable mentions include Juwan Howard, Brendan Haywood, and Michael Jordan (during his brief stint with the team). Defensive prowess is often subjective and dependent on individual evaluations, so opinions may vary."

Phoenix Suns v Washington Bullets
Ben Wallace blocking a shot while with the Bullets
Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

There are two very obvious omissions from this list, in my opinion. I fully admit to being biased because he's my guy, but Larry Hughes has to be on the list. He's the last player in franchise history to earn First Team All-Defense and he led the league in steals. Omitting him from even honorable mention almost invalidates any list right off the bat.

Hughes goes for a steal
Hughes goes for a steal against Eric Snow
Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The other is John Wall. I had mixed feelings about the consistency of Wall's defensive effort during his tenure. However, when he was really good, he was really good. At least for like a two stretch, which landed him on an All-Defensive Second Team in 2014-2015. That alone has to warrant at least an honorable mention.

Who else belongs on this list but was left off by ChatGPT? (And extra credit goes to anyone who identifies one of ChatGPT's factual errors).