Trade with Charlotte.

Scoot Freaking Henderson looks like he'd be a number 1 pick if there wasn't a Wembanyama sized obstacle in the way. Luckily for the Wizards, the teams at 2 and 3 are open to trading. Meaning there is an opportunity to get Scoot and lock down the PG position for years. We'll start with Charlotte.

Charlotte gets:



8th pick

2 future unprotected 1st Rd picks as soon as they can convey

57th pick

Washington gets:


2nd pick

27th pick

33rd pick

Why for Charlotte:

Charlotte is rumored to be willing to move down in the draft for the right trade. I don't think they'd want to move down to 8 but maybe this package would tempt them. It looks like they could still get a pretty good prospect at 8 while picking up two future firsts. They'd also get a young player who has potential in Avdija. They could also take a flier on Todd as his contract is fairly cheap next season and a team option after that.

Why for Washington:

Simple, Scoot Henderson. Getting the second pick would guarantee us Scoot and give us a fearsome back court. Trading away two future firsts hurts but if Scoot is as good as many think he can be then those will be lower picks anyways.

Swapping Avdija for Martin would make us better too as he is a solid defender and can shoot. Also, the Wizards have too many other players needing the ball to develop the potential of Avdija's game.

Getting the 27th and 33rd picks would give us a shot at more talent late in this draft. We could use them to try trading up some spots if there is someone we like. Maybe add the 42nd pick too and try to move up for Leonard Miller, Kris Murray, or one of the French forwards.

Henderson, Morris, Goodwin

Beal, Wright

Martin, Kispert

Kuzma, Leonard Miller, Gill, Cooks

Porzingas, Gafford

That looks like a pretty good team. Unfortunately that team would probably be over the 1st tax apron. I'd probably want to try a sign and trade with Kuzma to get under the tax and to free up more time on ball for Scoot. Still, even staying with that roster provides a lot of flexibility. A lot of pieces that could be moved in future trades.

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