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What kinds of products are you interested in purchasing via Bullets Forever?

Let us know here!

NBA Japan Games Saturday Night
Just asking a general question.
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Hey everyone,

As I have said in passing over the last few months, one of my goals for Bullets Forever is to better monetize the site. None of the writers or I am paid enough to do what we do. As the economic landscape behind sites like ours changes, we need to be more aware on how to keep the site viable for writers’ blood, sweat, tears and time while also providing you the content you have come to love and expect over the years.

To that end, I have a survey below on your purchasing habits, in particular online. I have been in touch with some online vendors regarding affiliate partnerships. That’s great for us, but only if people actually buy those products.

It doesn’t take long to fill it out, and the survey is below!

If the survey link doesn’t work (it’s Survey Monkey’s free version), just post your responses below!

My intent is not to turn Bullets Forever into an incessant advertising line every other paragraph. But again, I also want our writers to be able to make more money and make their efforts worth their time to the extent possible.

Thank you for your consideration.