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The Wizards are interested in Will Dawkins for GM vacancy, according to report

Michael Winger is looking to bring on some old friends at his new job

Orlando Magic v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

Monumental Basketball is interested in Oklahoma City Thunder Vice President of Basketball Operations Will Dawkins taking the Washington Wizards’ General Manager vacancy. This came out according to Marc Stein.

Sorry that I’m a bit late posting this news as a standalone topic. Kevin Broom and Ron Oakes-Cunningham also have a podcast that you can listen to here when it came out.

Why would new Monumental Basketball President Michael Winger be interested in Dawkins specifically? First, Winger previously worked for the Thunder concurrently with Winger. And second, like Winger, Dawkins is considered to be a rising star in the front office ranks. If Dawkins gets the position, it would be his first to lead an NBA team. Remember, Winger’s role is more visionary than nuts and bolts regarding trades and scouting.

Dawkins has been with the Thunder since the 2008-09 season when they relocated from Seattle.

Do you feel Dawkins is the best fit for the role? Who else should be the GM? Let us know in the comments below.