Wizards Do Not Suck - I'm Serious!

Part of me just doesn't want to sit through a rebuild for the next four years. However, part of me actually thinks the Wizards are decent and could win 50+ games if everything breaks right with the current roster. Reasons:

1) Continuity. Wes Jr. improved a bit in year 2 and we can expect more improvement in year 3. Kuzma said that the team just didn't have enough minutes together to really gel and I'll take him at his word. The chemistry seems to be quite good on this team.

2) They do have some actual, legit talent. Yes, they blew a lot of 20+ point leads but the ease with which they got those leads was impressive. The KP / Gaf / Beal / Kuz / Morris lineup was crushing teams in the first quarter! They won only 35 games but clearly were tanking for the final 15 or so. They had some very fluke'ish losses in the middle of the season. It really feels like this was more of a 44 win team than a 35 win team.

3) The #8 pick is a great asset. Whether they somehow trade up, trade for a veteran or stay at #8, we can expect a player that will make a meaningful contribution this year.

IMO, all the Wizards need to be a top 4 team in the east is a legit, starting caliber point guard. I have some concerns about a lack in leadership but between Kuzma, Delon, Kispert, Deni, etc., I think there are enough guys that actually care and the team is not as devoid of accountability as the common narrative would suggest.

One more year, that's all I ask. Get a real point guard and run it back!

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