Must Draft Wing Defender Coulibaly...Wiggins Bridges type defender

Defense is 1, 2 and 3 priority when it comes to this team year in and year out. DC don't got Heat and Celtics type of defense. DC also don't got enough offensive players who can get a shot off. Bilal Coulibaly is the best defender in this draft who will become a dynamic offensive player.

He has a great first step. His Euro is smooth like butter. He makes open 3's. He defends all the best perimeter players on the other team. Kid is 18 and already better than Wade when Wade was 21. He already shoots 3's better as well too. At 6'7 200 he will gain another 10-20 pounds and be an all star. DC can't mess this up.

Bilal would help Beal tremendously as Bilal would help Beal guard his man on defense the way Ariza used to take the tough shooting guard matchups for Beal. Beal will have 20% better stats if DC picks Bilal.

Morris / Beal / Coulibaly / KP / Gaf

Wright / Jackson / Kispert / Deni / Huff

All these people wanting a PG upgrade don't see how hard it is to get one. DC will keep the three headed monster of Morris, Wright and Goodwin. Wallace and Hood are not going to know how to run an NBA team for at least a couple of years.

After signing Beal and KP to 80 million dollars DC does not have time to draft a PG who can't run an NBA team. Personally if DC had more 1st round picks I would like to draft Wallace or Hood, but neither of them could start day 1 like how Bilal can. Also neither have Bilal's potential.

In 2024 there will be a few starting PG's in free agnecy who will take a combo of Monte and Delon's money (close to 20 million) to be the starting PG. If Beal and KP miss half the season and DC gets another top 10 pick then they can also draft a bonafide starting PG in the 2024 draft. As for 2023 Monte can run an offense, Delon and Goodwin can play great defense and all three can hit an open 3.

The issue is Beal, Kispert and Kuz let people walk past them like they were in quicksand. Bilal changes everything. A perimeter defender who can shut down everybody at the 3 point line is what DC needs more than anything. Forcing teams to shoot bad jumpers is the key to a good defensive team.

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