Kuz sign and trade for draft picks!

Here is a sign and trade that will make Wiz fans happy. The players will also probably appreciate since there have been so many issues with crappy fans in the past.

Blazers get:

-Kuz (S&T)


-2 second round picks in the upcoming draft

-2 future first round picks (2024 and 2025)

-Izzy Bae and Mr. Incrediball (Wiz fans that’s like to whine and complain)

Wiz get:

-A. Simons

-3rd pick in the upcoming draft

-Any two fans who aren’t whiny little b words

Why the Wiz do the trade?

They bring in some young talent and are unable to unload two incredibly annoying fans, Izzy Bae and Mr. Incrediball, who have spent their time mastering the NBA rules and then doing nothing with that knowledge other than pestering other fans about the punctilio of trade deals in the NBA.

Why the Trail Blazers do the deal?

Sure, they have to deal with two crappy fans, but they get a lot of pieces in return to build around and hopefully hide the fact that their new fans, Mr. Incredibally Annoying and Izzy "Easily thrown Into a Tizzy" Bae, are constantly complaining to other fans about stupid ish.

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