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Michael Winger won’t be running Wizards operations day-to-day, but he will have a lot say in team direction

Remember, he is the President of Monumental Basketball, not the Washington Wizards.

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St Louis Blues v Washington Capitals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Los Angeles Clippers General Manager Michael Winger is reportedly going to be the President of Monumental Basketball. Before you think that he is going to be the day-to-day person making calls for Wizards trades over the long run, think again.

Keep in mind that the Washington Mystics and Wizards DG will also be under his purview. So his role longer term is more strategic across all the teams. More on that in a bit.

According to Josh Robbins of The Athletic, Winger will hire a day-to-day Wizards General Manager who makes the call to trade Bradley Beal or draft Anthony Black in the weeks ahead. Hypothetically of course.

And this quote should give us cause to pause:

According to a league source, Winger will have full authority over constructing (and perhaps deconstructing) the Wizards’ roster and the front offices within Monumental Basketball.

For the Wizards, I think we can say that we want Winger to have that authority. Most Wizards fans, at least from anecdote, want a full scale rebuild. That includes me.

But if you are a Mystics fan reading this, I’m not sure if you want a lawyer-by-trade with no WNBA experience telling the Mystics what to do since they have generally done things right over the last decade.

Going back to the Wizards, now that we know Winger is overseeing the strategy, are you more open to someone like a Trajan Langdon stepping in as GM? Let us know in the comments below.