Kuzma to Charlotte for Scoot

Sorry, NBA trade hypos is a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s dumb but I enjoy it.

I think a Kuz Sign and Trade for an expiring contract and draft compensation makes a lot of sense. Here is a trade hypo that results in the Wiz getting Scoot.

Wiz get:

Pick #2 (Scoot Henderson)

Gordon Hayward ($31 million expiring contract)

Hornets get:

Kuz ((S&T - 4 years for $90 million ($22.5 per year))

Monte Morris ($10 million expiring contract)

Pick #8 (Hornets draft the best wing available to pair next to Kuz)

2027 First round pick (Top 3 protected)

A few second round picks

Why the Wiz do the trare?

Mostly because of Scoot Henderson. People say he is very good at basketball. If Scoot is the same caliber player as John Wall, then the Wiz have a legit big 3 with Scoot, KP, and Beal under contract for a few years (if KP resigns, which seems likely). Hayward’s contract would come off the books after the 2023-24 season, so the Wiz could re-sign Deni, or let Deni walk and use that cap space in free agency or for Kispert the following year. This move is the perfect re-tool for the Wizards that allows them to compete for top 6 spots in the playoffs in a year or two (depending on how Scoot develops) and also have a bright future with a young star player. The Wiz would have less draft assets since their 2024 pick is tied up with the Knicks through 2026 and they lose their 2027 first round pick in this trade, but they still have some draft assets and they have cap space to add the peripheral pieces around Scoot, Beal, and KP

Why the Hornets do the trade?

They add pieces around LaMelo and get valuable draft assets. By trading back 6 spots in the draft, the Hornets can still select an impactful wing or post player, This gives them LaMelo, Kuz, and the 8th pick to build around. That could be a solid foundation considering they will have additional draft assets that could allow them to make moves. For example, the Hornets could pair Rozier and some of their draft assets from the Wiz to bring in a disgruntled star at the trade deadline. The Wiz’s 2027 first round pick will be considered valuable by a lot of teams since the Wiz are usually bad, so it could make for a nice trade asset if the Hornets ever want to go into "Win Now" mode. Monte Morris is just a trade filler, but he is a solid backup point guard for any NBA team.

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