With 8th Pick It's Not AB

My concerns are AB is a defender with size but zero offense.

30℅ from 3, 45℅ from FG and 70℅ from FT.

We already have a passing point guard with less turnovers named monte but problems are still obvious, And we already have delon who is also a defender and a more experienced player.

In todays nba, What we need is someone who is a high ℅ shooter that can scare nba teams and forced them to double team that point guard, A curry, lillard, fvv, rozier, kyrie, are the type of guys we need right now.

AB is a starter and fits the team with a coach who is more on the defensive side, Black is surrounded with scorers which is good, So with that matter you need to bring back kuzma, But kuzma is not even a 38℅ 3pt shooter, Beal doesn't shoot or somewhat scared to shoot 3s, Gafford obviously is not a spacer and not a good pick n roll man, Porzingis relies more on iso, And Deni is also not a shooter, And all of them need the ball in there hands.

Black also averages 3 turnovers which is concerning, If he is more of a marcus smart calibre then i might take a gamble. Even dyson daniels is having a hard time getting minutes. Tyus Jones is also not a starter but a more experienced guy with playoffs experiences.

Best example is curry who forces lakers to double team him, This leaves thompson open to operate on offense, The only problem is they need a bigman to defend AD.

Same as having beal in this scenario but we got bigs like gafford and porzingis.

A scorer who can also pass, Fox or Morant is a great example if you miss john wall. Man, murray can shoot 3s, kcp is less scoring but 40℅ from 3 with a solid defense.

Ted don't waste the pick, Sign and Trade kuzma, Play porzingis at 4, Draft a power forward at pick no.8, Since porzingis is injury prone, That rookie pf will definitely get a playing time. Xavier Cooks is the new replacement for todd.

Goodwin is cheaper that can play pg and a solid scorer, He is our offensive reserved that many teams need. Wright is definitely staying and nunn is gone. Davis depends on how he plays in summer league.Jackson is on a 2way who is also very cheap and also a solid defender.

Grady? Na pass, Kisspert needs playing time.

With the 8th Pick, New GM drafts a combo PF/SF or a pure PF.

Sign and Trade kuzma.

A) to indiana with that 26 pick, a future 2nd pick, and isaiah jackson to be flip asap.

B) to new york for quickley, and fournier to be flip asap and a future 1st round pick + one future 2nd pick.

C) if blazers wants monte, I will get that pick no.23 from nyk. I'll add davis if they want to.

Any thoughts?

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