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NBA Draft 2023: Wizards receive No. 8 overall pick

The Wizards did not gain or lose position in this year’s draft.

2022 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

On Tuesday, the NBA announced that the Washington Wizards will get the No. 8 overall pick in the 2023 Draft. The Wizards had the 8th best odds heading into tonight’s draft, so they didn’t gain or lose position.

Who are some of the players whom the Wizards are projected to pick based on mock drafts? Here are some:

The San Antonio Spurs won the No. 1 pick, where they will likely pick Victor Wembanyama. It is their first No. 1 pick since 1997 when they selected Tim Duncan.

I know, many of you are disappointed that the Wizards didn’t get the No. 1 pick. However, they were simply too good to have enough lottery balls for that opportunity. The Spurs were among the worst teams in the NBA record-wise last year and had that chance. That’s what the Treadmill of Mediocrity does folks.

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