Kuzma/Wright to Miami and draft a PG in first round

MIA get:

Kuz (S&T)


2023 Second Round Pick (Chi)

WAS get:


2023 First Round Pick

Why Miami does the trade?

Kuzma can take some of the offensive load off Butler. Kuz can create his own shot and has playoff experience. He would be a good "Win Now" addition. Also, D. Wright fits Miami’s defensive identity, and Kuz is a decent defender, as well, so Miami isn’t sacrificing anything on the defensive end by giving Kuz minutes. By getting a second round pick back, Miami still gets to select a player in this year’s draft.

Why the Wizards do the trade?

Lowry is on an expiring contract after 2023/2024, so he could help mentor a first round pick point guard this year and then clear some cap space for the Wiz. This also gives the Wiz another first round pick in this year’s draft, so they can draft a wing, big, or best player available.

lineup after trade:

PG: ((FRP(A. Black or C. Wallace), Lowry, Goodwin

SG: Beal, Kispert, Davis

SF: Deni, FRP, Cooks

PF: KP, ?, ?

C: Gafford, ?, Huff

I would also look to trade M. Morris for draft compensation

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