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SB Nation Reacts: Wizards fans remain pessimistic heading into the offseason

Sorry for the late results. Here they are!

Houston Rockets v Washington Wizards Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Thank you for your responses to LAST week’s SB Nation Reacts survey. The Washington Wizards survey results are below!

Fan confidence: WHAT CONFIDENCE?

SB Nation

In our Washington Wizards survey last week, a combined 87 percent of fans gave the team 1s and 2s, signaling that they were not confident that the team is heading in the right direction. Only 4 percent gave fours and 2 percent gave fives.

Why are fans confident in the Wizards’ direction?

  • “They seem to be on the right track in improving guys via the G-League.”
  • “This is a pretty solid roster. I think we are one PG away from being a Top 4 team in the East.”
  • “I am slightly confident, because I expect the Wizards will strike a reasonable three-year deal with Kristaps Porzingis, because Bradley Beal to be healthier next season, and because the Wizards GM will do better in the 2023 NBA draft.”

And why are they not?

  • “The front office wants to run it back.”
  • “ Corey Kispert’s post season comments tell me that there’s a lot of dysfunction in the locker room and it’s not because of bad teammates. It’s due to coaching, approach, and accountability throughout the organization.”
  • “Owner keeping the same General Manager who has not drafted a player of significance in 4 years. Also, his trade of a 1st round pick for Westbrook will still prevent the Wizards from upgrading through trading picks because of the contingencies held by the Knicks until 2027.”
  • “The GM and coach couldn’t make the playoffs with the roster on-hand in win -now mode. The GM has missed or miss-led on previous draft picks. The Wizard’s video team consistently is showing highlights from the opposite team while not showing live action from our own.”

Fans give the 2023-24 Wizards season an F

SB Nation

Forty-eight percent of fans gave the Wizards an F and 38 percent gave them a D.

We had over 200 respondents in the poll, so I think this is a good representation of how fans feel.

I’ll ask some questions in another SB Nation NBA Reacts sruvey for this week. Thanks!

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