Terrible Tommy Missing on SF Jalen Williams

Jalen Williams over Johnny Davis all day everyday. This aint hard to see.

DC has Wright, Beal, Kuzma and Porzingis locked for the last six minutes of the game.

DC needs to have a 5th player who can play perimeter defense in the last six minutes of the game and bring some sort of offense.

Goodwin plays defense, but the offense is lacking.

Deni plays defense, but the offense is lacking.

Kispert has offense, but has no defense.

Gafford is out due to small lineup.

Cooks will be the 6th power forward on the team and does not have great perimeter defense.

Personally I would play Goodwin the last six minutes because I want to see Wright and Goodwin on the floor at the same time.

At the very least Monte needs to play the last six minutes over deni, kispert, gaf and cooks

Morris PG, Beal SG, Wright SF, Kuz PF, KP C

Unseld don't know who to put in the game. Maybe he wants to get fired. Denver is better without him. DC got worse with him even with a much better roster. Owner, GM and Coach need to be fired.

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