How Sheppard got 17 players 0 Small Forwards

PG...Wright / Goodwin / Morris / Nunn / bouyea

SG...beal / Jackson / kispert / Davis

SF...NONE / NONE / NONE / kuz / Deni / Gil / Todd

C...Gaf / Huff / Gibson

There are only five positions in basketball. The league gives you 17 players to make sure all five of those spots have starters and backups. The league gives you many chances to make changes to the roster. Between the draft, free agency, the trade deadline, buyouts and simply picking up a player any time you want there are so many chances to get the correct players.

Tommy Sheppard has so much talent on this roster with KP, Beal and Kuzma. Finally he started caring about defense and got Wright and Goodwin. This team should at least be in the 6th seed if coached right, but it can't go higher due to a dysfunctional gm not having a small forward on the roster.

Kispert is a shooting guard and can't play good defense against any position. He is a regular season guy at best, but can't be played in the playoffs with his lack of defense. No more experimenting with Deni he was and will always be a PF.

Kuzma has to start at SF because KP is more comfortable playing PF. With the current roster the best backup SF would be Delon Wright, but he should start at PG. Btw Wright and Goodwin should both play more minutes. Nunn should play none minutes and kispert should play less as well.

Shepard missed on Dunn. Dunn, Beal, Wright, Kuzma and KP would have been a great lineup to close out the last six minutes of a close game. Beal would have been in the middle of having elite defense around him.

Now Sheppard should sign Justin Anderson to back up Kuzma at small forward. Anderson plays tough UVA defense and has become very comfortable handling the ball compared to a few seasons ago.

wright / morris

beal / goodwin

kuzma / anderson

kp / deni


DC the 9 man rotation works.

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