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Bradley Beal is investigated for his involvement in a verbal dispute with fans in Orlando

The Wizards guard is in the news after the Wizards’ Mar. 21 road loss to the Orlando Magic. He allegedly knocked a hat off a fan’s head during the dispute.

Washington Wizards v Orlando Magic
Bradley Beal is under investigation by Orlando police for a verbal dispute.
Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is under investigation in Orlando, Fla. for battery charges after Washington’s 122-112 loss to the Orlando Magic on Mar. 21.

According to TMZ, Beal got into an argument with two fans at the Amway Center after the loss. One of the fans yelled, ”You fucked me [out of] $1,300, you f***!” Beal then walked toward the fans and allegedly knocked of the hat out of one of the fans’ head and responded that bets aren’t why he plays the game. The action of allegedly knocking a hat is likely where a battery charge could come from.

Ultimately, the dispute was roughly 1-2 minutes. It is unclear whether Beal will be charged.

Player and fan disputes are nothing new in the NBA. But some disputes have become more heated in recent years, most notably with former Wizards guard Russell Westbrook. Furthermore, the reason why these fans were heckling Beal was because they lost money on bets.

To Beal, $1,300 is probably a drop in the bucket. To these fans, that is a significant amount of money. I can understand why they would be upset about losing money. But ultimately, Beal (and nearly every NBA player) doesn’t care about the number of individual points scored. Ultimately, it’s whether the team wins or not.

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